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High Heels I Wished I had From Louboutin


Yes I'm a woman that daydream about beautiful high heels all the time even though I don't own a million pairs lol! What woman doesn't wish she could own some Louboutins and stroll around town and show them off. For me I'm glued to the computer screen drooling like a puppy wishing I could afford such expensive heels.

My eyes grow big when I see curvy stems along the heels, little perfect embellishments,bright candy colors oh yes!I can almost eat what I'm seeing before me lol! I just can't help it heels have come along way from the older days, maybe I have a little high heel fetish going on, you never know.

Here are my top High Heels I Wished I had from the Louboutin shoe collection and maybe one day I can save up and get me a pair I can drool all over.

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