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Get Rhianna's Denim Dress And Mid-Calf Boot Look

I really love this custom denim dress from Christian Dior Rhianna was styling during a show in Tokyo , I've always liked her fashion sense and this dress shows her girly side. I love that it has pockets on it and the cute flare and embellishments of the dress.  She paired it with a beautiful print shoulder bag and mid-calf boots.

Get rhinanna denim dress and mid calf boot look
Image Credits- Style Bistro

Now I looked around and found a similar dress with the short sleeves and the flare at the bottom by Victoria Beckham, you can style this denim dress with a thick belt to change up the look than look exactly like Rhianna's look. Now my take on it is be as unique as you like and experiment with different looks.

I think these mid-calf boots by Giuseppe Zanotti is a daring match for this dress as long as you add the the belt I mentioned but make the belt White or Black to match the boots.

Here are two different looks of the dress with a White and Black belt

denim dress, white belt,heels

denim dress,balck belt, heels
I think it looks pretty good and you can add in your handbag and some accessories to get a unique look you desire. Thanks so much for reading my post and hope that ya'll see my vision on this outfit.

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Toya's Tales said...

I liked Rihanna's outfit except for her shoes. The one's you picked out are way better!

Tipsy Heelz said...

Aww thank you Toya I really appreciate that:) Thanks for stopping by to comment:)

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