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Bandolino Peep-Toe Pump

Hello heel lovers I'm hoping you are having a great relaxing Sunday, I'm chilling out a bit today. Well I have posted about these Bandolino Peep-Toe Pumps before in a recent post and I finally got them Friday and was so excited to try them on.

Bandolino Peep Toe Pumps

They look  Pink because of my camera setting but they look fab on my size 11 feet lol! They felt very comfortable to me and I could walk in them just fine, my hubby said you look hot in those, which made me feel good lol!

They came all wrapped up in a pretty box, the only thing I didn't like was a sticker in the shoe they had already pulled off, which I could have done myself but overall I love them and will be wearing them with a new outfit when I go shopping online soon.

As I've said in a recent post they come in all kinds of colors even Patent ,Cork synthetic, Blue, White and many more from Amazon.

You can purchase them from $8.99-$64.00 depending on size Bandolino Peep-Toe Pumps Thanks so much for really my post I really hope you enjoyed it and please subscribe to my newsletter for more heel updates

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robincharmagne said...

Love the color of these and the heel is manageable! Don't feel like I'd break my neck in these.

Tipsy Heelz said...

Hi Robin thank you so much for stopping by to comment, yes they are pretty easy to walk in lol:)

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