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Rachet Heels from Walmart (Video Review Included)

 Oh my goodness! The heels in Walmart are so bad, no woman should have to go through shopping for heels at their local Walmart. I was telling my husband it is a shame that the shelves were almost empty and the thing is there was a few ugly shoes just sitting there all lonely and pitiful lol!

I looked for my size and that was only in the Black pumps I found and decided to try them on.

 They fit perfectly and they felt comfy but was to plain for me, I'm a woman that like some spice and color. Sorry for the quality I forgot to bring my high quality camera but just took the pictures with my cell, I know! I know!

 Anyway here are a few pictures of the shelf with the so call selection , so bad Oh my gosh!

And look at those other heels all mixed up and sad I really felt bad for Walmart and they should know better. I should just write them an email and complain about their women's shoe section. Anyway here is a video review I did on walmart.com. All the other heels besides the Brown ones you see are Black, no more colors or styles.


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Toya's Tales said...

Do you wear a size 9 or 10? Because whenever I go into most stores like Walmart, TJ Max, or Burlington they never have any cute shoes in those sizes and the shelves are always empty except for the kind of shoes pictured above. Sometimes I think there is no use in complaining because I think they simply do not care.

Tipsy Heelz said...

I wear a size 11 and your right complaining to them probably isn't going to make a difference, some store may care others may not as long as they are making their money. Some care about their customers and will go the extra mile to make them happy.

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