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Those Beautiful Heels From Nine West

From chic, hip or sassy these heels are a perfect match for you. They come in sizes 5-12 and different array of colors such as Blue, White, and Black to match your colorful wardrobe and the design on these leather heels are beautiful .

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Hot Pumps Trending On Amazon

We all know Amazon as the best place to find fabulous deals from clothing,housewares,movies, and especially heels of all kinds. I've found some great pumps that are trending and are reasonable.

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Friday Blog Hop

Hi heel lovers come join the "Friday Blog Hop" and link up your post and make new blog friends. I'm so honored to be Co-Hosting this week and I love it. Come have some fun with us and share the hop.

Happy hopping everyone! Thanks for joining us again for That Friday Blog Hop which goes live every Thursday evening at 8pm EST. So join us each week & link up your blogs, social media outlets, or anything you'd love to share. 

That Friday Blog Hop: Join Us Every Thursday Evening

While there are no rules, we would love it if you would :::
- Stop by the hosts & co-hosts blog and follow along
- Say hi to new bloggers and leave a wonderful comment
- Grab the button and/or tweet about the blog hop as well
- Come back every Thursday evening to join in the party
- If you are interested in being a co-host for an upcoming week, please comment below
That Friday Blog Hop

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I Bought Peep Toe Heels Practically For Less Than A Dollar

Good morning heel lovers, boy do I have something to share with you lol! the title of this post is right, that "I Bought Peep Toe Heels For Less Than A Dollar now I know this seems impossible to you but let me tell you how I got them for that amount.

I was accepted into a program called Mom's Connection from Hallmark where you get Amazon gift codes to participate within the community and it's so fun sharing your thoughts with others, so I've been an active participant for about a month now and I have earned a total of $20 for my activity. Well I was in search for a heel I can wear to my daughters graduation next week and saw these Suede peep toes, Which are brand new.

The price of these little ladies for my size is $11.99 plus $9.99 shipping and handling and they come in different colors, my total came up to $21.98 and I added in my $20 gift code, mind you I already had about a dollar and some cents from a previous gift code balance. My gift card amount totaled $21.04 and that left me with only $0.94 to pay yes! So that's how I paid less than a dollar lol!

I just can't wait to make a post of me wearing them for my daughter's graduation next week and I'm so hoping that I get them before the 29th of May of this month. So I really hope you enjoyed this little post I've shared with you and hope you have a fab day and stay tuned to see me wear this pretty little heels.

You can buy these on Amazon if you  want a pretty heel for less Amazon - Update this are currently unavalible until restock, but you can check out similar ones from Amazon online.

 Supermodel Synthetic Dress Pump

Bandolino Women's Supermodel Synthetic Dress Pump

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Jumpsuit Your Style In Heels

Summer nights is the time to get all fashioned up for a night on the town with friends, Today I have chosen a Black V-neck bodysuit which is sexy and a great wear for those warm nights. It is pleaded around the hip area to make your curves pop and you can also wear a belt with this out fit to add more definition.

Throw in some beautiful Silver accessories, such as a big necklace and bracelet and top it off with a clutch bag . Tom complete the look as always we have to have a sexy pair of heels, in this case I've picked Black leather ankle booties with a big Silver highlighted plate detail on them. So unique and stylish to compliment any outfit you wear.
Jumpsuit Your Style

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Rachet Heels from Walmart (Video Review Included)

 Oh my goodness! The heels in Walmart are so bad, no woman should have to go through shopping for heels at their local Walmart. I was telling my husband it is a shame that the shelves were almost empty and the thing is there was a few ugly shoes just sitting there all lonely and pitiful lol!

I looked for my size and that was only in the Black pumps I found and decided to try them on.

 They fit perfectly and they felt comfy but was to plain for me, I'm a woman that like some spice and color. Sorry for the quality I forgot to bring my high quality camera but just took the pictures with my cell, I know! I know!

 Anyway here are a few pictures of the shelf with the so call selection , so bad Oh my gosh!

And look at those other heels all mixed up and sad I really felt bad for Walmart and they should know better. I should just write them an email and complain about their women's shoe section. Anyway here is a video review I did on All the other heels besides the Brown ones you see are Black, no more colors or styles.


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Crochet Top,Jeans And Floral Heels

 Yes mam I'm loving this little combo here, it's different with a mix of sassy,street and elegance. The crochet top is trending all over the internet for this season, stars such as Rhianna is wearing these tops with denim shorts and crochet skirts out and about.  Today I have selected the off the shoulder top with sheer sleeves for a cool Spring/Summer.

You can add in a bit of a street feel with the Washed Chambray Joggers, which has a drawstring and are gathered at the bottom to compliment these lovely floral heels, add in a Silver clutch to add in a bit more color, which makes the outfit unique and matchy.

Crochet Crop Tops,Jeans And Floral Heels

Mint Off Shoulder Crochet Crop Top

Acid Washed Chambray Joggers

Blue Floral Print Faux Leather Pointed Toe Cut Out Pumps

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Check Out The Phoebe Couture Heels

Signature sweetheart stiletto pump in a combination of soft supple kidskin and a tonal mesh in the pane cage-like upper. Basic pump with a fresh attitude. The Phoebe Collection's signature buffed leather outsole and memory foam padded insole add luxury and all day comfort. Comes in sizes 5.5-10 and are available in Black. Today is your day to get these heels at $70 off using discount code Z70 code expires 5-31-15

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Trying On My Daughters Heels By Fergalicious

Being sneaky in someone else's heels

I just had to do it lol! Just had to try on my daughter's heels, hey I needed something to blog about and since my blog is about high heels, why not. I had my youngest daughter go get them, while my older daughter was at a friends house lol! I told her not to tell her sister because my oldest girl is very particular about people wearing her things. So this heel post is being done on the sneaky side and when I post to Facebook I will only select the friends and family I want to see the post, Yea Yea! sneaky mama lol! I'm so bad.

Well I didn't know Miss Fergie had high heels out on the market and I tell you she have some awesome, sexy footwear and some are reasonably priced good some are more expensive for those who wants a lot of money on their feet. I didn't get to ask my daughter where she bought them so I Googled these heels and it led me to several shops online, so I chose Macy and they are $54.99, comes in sizes 5.5-11.

Fergalicious Heels

These shoes are probably about a size 10 because they are a bit snug but they look cute on my feet. I usually wear a size 11 wide and these are patent leather and the toe part is rounded. These are great for prom of course or any event or night on the town. My daughter wore a Red dress with them, Red tote bag and necklace.

Black High Heels

You can purchase these at Macy's and they are called Fergalicious Bianca d'Orsay Pumps

Thanks for reading my post I had fun being a sneaky mom, hope she doesn't find out lol!


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I want Some Mo' Fashion

Yes, you see the title right, if you are a fashion lover like me, you try to find it any and everywhere. I look all over the internet and Facebook for inspirations on end and try to blog at least several times a week so that my post can be seen.

There's inspiration all around me from family members, to whatever pops in my head lol! I'm always concocting up something to make an interesting post. Today's fashion is on my cousin Mo she is always wearing the most fly clothing from dresses, jumpsuits or shorts and she pairs them so well, especially with heels.

Just because we are mothers doesn't mean we can't dress sexy and fly and she knows how to dress up for a night on the town with her girls. She posted a picture on Facebook and I told her I had to blog on her dress she was wearing. She's wearing a White bodycon dress with newspaper print with the words "Live The Life You Love", I love that quote.

She added a Black hand tote, a pair of leaf earrings and a nice bracelet and some Black heels to complete her night look and not to mention great makeup, you go girl! What a beautiful woman

Mo' Fashion

Bodycon Dress

 I found a dress similar to her dress from Citi Trend in Lip Print and it comes in Plus size small,medium and large. I have shopped many times from Citi Trends and they have all kinds of fashion to fit your budget. I'm surprised that they have a website now and I can shop away lol! Thanks so much for reading my post, it was fun to make. Stay tuned for more inspiration and heels and please subscribe to my blog.

   Citi Trends- Trendy Urban Clothing

Similar Dress

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