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Ride Or Die In Those Sneaker Heels

Good morning readers hoping you are having a productive day. I'm always thinking of ways to be my creative self with high heels and outfit inspirations, my mind is constantly racing on what to post next and it's so exciting to to me to share what I love and that's fashion.

Today my outfit inspiration is a tank top tee with the quote "Don't ever let anyone take your shine" You are a star and should never let anyone take your sparkle away. I have paired this tee with blue jeans and sneaker heels for a casual yet sexy statement. These sneakers just came out and a great pairing for bluejeans or if you want to add in leggings I say go for it lol! A great Spring outfit for whatever socializing you want to get noticed from.

Quote Tee and Sneaker Heels

                                                                     from: Shoespie

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Toya's Tales said...

Love a fabulous look with an inspiring message

Tipsy Heelz said...

Thank you Toya:)

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