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My Mother's Heels Are Cute

I so had to invade my mothers closet yesterday morning lol! She's always buying herself heels of different colors, they are not the highest of heels but they are about two to three inches tall. I can remember like it was yesterday, when she was younger like in her late 30's she would buy those stilettos heels and hunny she had her walk down.

When she got into heels ,she had this sexy, confident persona about her, I use to play in the heels all the time and pretend I was my mom lol!. I know some of you may have done the same things as a child, anyway I decided to take a photo of her heels in her first closet, after taking the photo I saw she had another closet of heels but decided crap! if i knew she had more I would have taken another picture,but my camera started acting up.

My mom makes her own clothes and buy heels to match her church outfits and she has an array of lovely hats, I tell you the lady has style.

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