Baby Dreams And A Reversal

tubal reversal

Hi readers, I know this post is off subject, but I want to spread the word that my husband and I want to conceive. I've had my tubes tied for 13 years after my last child. In my first marriage the ex insisted I get them tied up and I did because I thought I would be with him forever.

Sometimes things don't work out with someone that is a complete opposite and cheating. My husband has no children and his mom no grandchildren, ever since I've been with him, I have hoped and prayed to get pregnant wishing for a miracle.

Nothing has happened in the years we've been together so I tried doing a campaign to no avail. We are trying to campaign again and hopefully get donations, so I may start the process of getting a free consultation with a great doctor in Houston. I want to be able to give my husband a child and his mother a grandchild, but it's a bit costly for us. I've been trying to get the word out in tweets and Facebook and this blog. Any donation will be appreciated to help us along the way. You can read more and my updates on my GoFundMe page. Thank you guys for ready. Please spread the word.

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