Imuv Glamorous Virtual High Heels

Hi heel lovers I really hope you are having a marvelous evening and preparing yourselves for upcoming Mother's Day, What a wonderful day for our beautiful mothers to love and cherish what great mothers they are. Anyway on to the topic of "Imvu Glamorous Virtual High Heels".

I know many of you may have heard of this virtual platform where you can go to be someone else and dress the way you want and meet different people from all walks of life. I don't use it often but when I want to get away from the real world and be someone else I go there to play the walk off game, to dress my avatar and flirt with my handsome husband who is also on the platform virtual world.

Now the juicy part of Imvu is shopping for cute outfits and I go gaga for the high heels, I always have to have a pair of heels to put on my avatar. Meet Mrs. Pinkytary, she's full of spice and everything nice, she's has curves and a big booty that don't quit lol!

 As you see I'm in a Red sexy dress and Red spiky high heels to give this outfit some pizazz  and can be worn in the virtual nigh clubs haha!

A close up view of this stilettos, I'm loving the ankle straps with spikes of yes oh yes! so fun

Here are some more heels that I chose and the developers surely know how to make a girl's mouth water lol!

Yasss! I really love the White ones to so classy and can be worn to an all White party with this White outfit

Some when you want to get a way from the real world and enter the virtual world and dress up in heels Imvu is the place for fashion amongst other things. Hope you enjoyed this post XOXOX