Upcoming Music Artist Ramadan “Rama Don” Hazziez God Seed Enteriantment

Rama Don

Hot Shoe Find! Christian Siriano Runway Denim Pumps


The Lady In Red ๐Ÿ‘— Wearing A Homemade Top As A Dress

Red Dress1

The Lady In A Red Dress

The Little Black Dress + Beautiful Style Linkup #3


Payless Shoes August Sale + My Shoe Deals

payless shoes1

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Used Oufits + Fashion Recap + Cousin Fashion

Fashion Recap

Last week was so fun with my mother in law, a few days before she asked me if I wanted to go to the church up the street from her. She told me they were giving away clothes for free, more like a free garage sale. Anyway I immediately said yes because I needed something different to wear. That Saturday, we woke up around 7am and headed for the church. I tell you there was a pretty good amount of people waiting in line. After about a few minutes we were welcomed inside.

Matcha Organic Green Tea Benefits + Giveaway

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The Goody Pet - Recommendations For Your Furry Friend

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The Goody Pet