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TShirt And Skirt + Linkup

TShirt And Skirt + Linkup

This post contains some affiliate links in which, when you click on them I get paid a few cents. They are links exact or similar to what I'm wearing. Clothes are purchased with my own money.
Hi everyone! I hope you guys are having a blessed Friday. For some of you, today is the last day of work for you to get jiggy with it lol! as in parrrtay! or going on a ate with some friends or spouse. Today I'm hosting the "Beautiful Style" Linkup Blog party with my fellow blogger Gigi. Anyway, today is a great day to showcase my outfit I bought from Charolette Russe. As you've already seen in a previous post, I posted about an idea how I wanted to pair the skirt and football t shirt. Well, here you go! I think it looks pretty cute on me. Even though the high heels, a necklace and clutch I matched it with wasn't available to me, I just added what I already had. I didn't have the funds to purchase new heels so I did my old wedding heels. I we…

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